Everyday tips to avoid awkward moments
Hi all! Can you relate to any of these situations? If yes, don’t feel awkward. We all go through hard times like this 😅 Girls love taking selfies with beautiful fancy cars, and guys like to pretend that they drive these cars, and there’s also someone who owns those cars for real and has no idea what’s going on🤣 It’s summertime and if you like hanging out at the pool or beach and always want your makeup to be on point, be careful! Water can ruin it all. Don’t forget to wear waterproof makeup! Add some water to your makeup and mix it to make your foundation sweatproof and waterproof. You were hugging your girlfriend, and now all her makeup is on your shirt? Here is a super-fast way to clean cosmetics off your clothes! Use hair spray, some liquid soap, and wash your clothes in water! You will quickly get rid of unwanted stains. Check out this fun video with awkward moments and relatable situations to see more everyday tips and hacks!

00:49 - What a tasty ice cream!
02:36 - When food gets stuck in your teeth
04:39 - Waterproof makeup
06:51 - A glue gun craft with fake flowers

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