GLUE GUN VS 3D PEN! This is a new level of crafting

Get ready to discover some incredible DIY phone hacks you’ll adore. Today we’re going to try something you’ve never seen before. You’ll learn how to create your own beautiful crafts from scratch using a hot glue and a 3D pen. You’ll also see some fun ways to repurpose stuff you’re no longer using into something you’ll actually love. - Do you have a lot of old, used plastic straws? Lay them on a flat surface, cover them with parchment paper on top and iron them with a clothing iron. Then, you can cut them into the shape of a shoe sole and create your own adorable beach slippers. - Did the bristles of your hair comb break? Don’t worry too much; we show you how to fix them using a 3D pen. - Sometimes, the keys on your keyboard tend to fade over time, but today we show you how to give them a second life and get those letters back using a 3D pen. Timestamps:
0:58 - How to fix your hair comb
3:16 - DIY drawer handles using a 3D pen
5:09 - A fun way to decorate your shirt
9:06 - Turn your earphones into headphones
9:59 - DIY glow in the dark bracelets
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