Creative DIYs and Crafts To Try! || Glue gun, 3D pen, Soap and Epoxy Resin Ideas You Will Adore.

This video is sponsored by LEGO Masters on FOX! Check out the new season of the legendary @LEGO Masters hosted by Will Arnett! It premieres June 1st and airs every Tuesday at 8/7c on FOX. Expect bigger challenges, insane builds, and a competition like no other!

To honor this fantastic new show, 5-Minute Crafts wants to show you a collection of incredible DIYs and crafts we created in the past few months. Are you ready for a fun adventure? Grab your hot glue guns, 3D pens, resins, and soaps because we’re about to make some magic.

Soap making is a great activity to learn, and most of the time, you only need a few tools to get a beautiful result. Using a peeler, remove a thin layer from the side of a soap bar - it will look like a rose. Then, carefully dip in a bowl filled with clear soap base and let it harden. You’ve just created a luxury hotel-like soap bar for your bathroom. Another great DIY soap is the one with colorful balls inside. First, pour colored soap base in your silicone mold and let it harden. Then, remove the little soap balls and place them in a larger container. Then pour a clear soap base on top, and you’re all set.

3D pens are all the rage right now, today you’ll discover some cool crafts using them. One of the first ones you’ll notice are earphone holders resembling headphones - these are super convenient for when you’re listening to music.

Since summer is almost here, it’s time for some DIY jewelry. You can create an adorable summer-themed bracelet using resin and a silicone mold. First, add tiny dried flowers in the silicone mold to give your bracelet some color. Then, pour the clear resin on top and let it dry. You can also create a marble-like base for your soap bar and many more.

Don’t forget to watch until the end for all the fun crafts and surprises.


00:24 - The massage soap
02:40 - DIY magnetic resin eggs for your desk

05:14 - Cool glow-in-the-dark bracelets (neon plastic)

05:34 - DIY colorful soap cube
07:16 - Fairy light decorations

09:53 - DIY soaps that resemble crystals
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